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Lutheranism and the Classics at CTSFW

Lutheranism & the Classics

September 28-29, 2012
Concordia Theological Seminary
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Although the fathers of the church occasionally erred, Lutherans have always had the highest regard for such ancient teachers as, e.g., Augustine, Jerome and Chrysostom, as well as the old Lutheran theologians Chemnitz, Hunnius, Selnecker, Calov and others. Concordia Theological Seminary is pleased, therefore, to offer the second Lutheranism and the Classics Conference under the theme, "Reading the Church Fathers." The conference features three plenary papers, a banquet address and 20 sectional presenters on the Reformation-era reception of the Latin/Greek fathers, classical authors, ancient Christian hymnody, cultivation of neo-Latin and pedagogy. Latin will be used in three worship settings. The presentation by Joanna Hensley is intended especially for classical educators and homeschoolers. The conference celebrates Lutheranism's engagement with the church's greatest teachers of the past and to their value for the propagation of the faith to present and future generations.

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to download and read the latest issue (and archives) of CCLE’s Classical Lutheran Educational Journal.

Volume VI, just published, contains articles and resources based on presentations at CCLE XII last month in Houston.


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FW: The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther Says...

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"I advise no one to place his child
where the Scriptures do not reign supreme."


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FW: [Sturm] The Seven Liberal Arts



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From David L. Wagner's florilegium, "The Seven Liberal Arts in the
Middle Ages," (p. 60)

"In the schoolboys' mnemonic encapsulating the functions of the seven
arts, grammar is given the first place:

Gram loquitur;
Dia vera docet;
Rhet verba colorat;
Mus canit;
Ar numerat;
Ge ponderat;
Ast colit astra.

Grammar speaks;
dialectic teaches truth;
rhetoric adorns words;
music sings;
arithmetic counts;
geometry measures;
astronomy studies stars."

The techne divided into the verbal arts (trivium) and the mathematical
arts (quadrivium), and from the earliest days there were already
discussions around two camps which debated: Is the world ordered and
regular or irregular and untidy, according to convention (nomo) or
nature (physei)? This book is one of my favorites for delving into an
understanding of the background and history of the liberal arts.


The goal of education is a wise and eloquent piety.


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Faith, Plano



Faith Lutheran High School is a classical high school in Plano, Texas. Faith will now offer classes live using two-way HD-Video streaming through the Internet.

The student will see the teacher on their home computer or lap-top, see the notes the teacher puts on the e-board, listen to the lecture, participate in live discussions with other students, and the teacher will be able to see the student as well.

Faith will offer the Omnibus 1 and Omnibus 3 classes starting August 22, 2012. The Omnibus class consists of English, Theology, and History (3 credits) and is taught by a professional Lutheran school teacher with many years of classroom experience. Other classes will follow soon.

There will be a $150 registration fee. Tuition for an Omnibus course will be $1,500 or $150 a month for 10 months. In addition, students will have to secure copies of the books we read.

For more information call 972-423-7448 or send an email to: or visit our website at: